About the Book

Much attention is given to the opportunity gap, and the often-resulting achievement gap, between white and minority students, but what about the solutions? Drawing on research, experience, and observations, this book provides the first practical, hands-on resource filled with effective strategies and best practices to help early childhood educators create learning enviornments in which Black children can thrive.

  • Learn how culture influences learning styles, preferences, and personalities in Black children.
  • Begin to incorporate cultural influences into the teaching and learning process
  • Expand your teaching “toolbox”,invigorate your classroom, and strengthen your relationship with Black children and their families.

“Debra Re-Etta Sullivan has written a book that challenges us to think more deeply about our craft, knowledge, and practices that can lead to children’s deeper learning and help close the achievement gap. She reminds us tha tthe early years matter, and that to ensure Black children success in school and in life, we must first discover the genius that resides within.”

— Maurice Sykes, author of Doing the Right Thing for Children: Eight Qualities of Leadership

“Sullivan boldly challenges us to look at what it will take to simultaneously close the academic achievement gap and cultivate the genius of Black children in classrooms that already exists. As she states: ‘It is possible, doable, and imperative.'”

— Ed Greene, PhD
EM GREENE Associates International, Educational Transmedia Designs


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Kim Harris-Mustafa

“The Genius of Black children is cultivated within themselves. You can see it in their dance and in their music. Black children’s genius is noticing your fashion, the way that they carry themselves… “

Iman Proctor

“I think I’m a hands-on type of person. Like, don’t tell me. Let me walk through it as you’re telling me. Like, Me physically doing what you’re telling me. Because if you do it for me, it went right in and out the other. Like, that doesn’t work for me that well because I won’t be able to retain information because I have, like a photographic memory….”

Secret & Imani

Tell us about your experience with your education?  SF: My name is Secret Ford. I think I would have liked to have a better understanding on how education was going to affect my future in the long run. I'm sure I've heard it a thousand times, the message came, but for...