Kim Harris-Mustafa

What is your experience with cultivating the genius of black children? 

I think it wouldn’t be so difficult to cultivate The Genius of Black children; they act like this is some kind of phenomenon, or something. The Genius of black children is cultivated within themselves. You can see it in their dance and their in music. Black children’s genius is noticing your fashion, the way that they carry themselves. Other cultures follow black children, so to cultivate that genius would be relatively easy when you mix it with some love and have honest impacts.

What is your personal learning style?

So, I have two learning styles. I’m a visual learner and also I’m kind of kinetic. And I think most people have multiple learning styles, not just that linear thing.

How do you want to help cultivate the genius of black children?

So, I had to Google “learning styles” so I can understand my children’s learning style, which helped me to understand my learning style. So if you Google “learning style”, they’re gonna give you all the learning styles. You know sometimes, as a gig, I’ll tutor kids and I wouldn’t even tutor anyone without learning what their learning style is and then trying to approach it from that aspect, and neither should no public school.