Tell us about your experience with childhood education. 

My name is Sydney. My experience… I’ll talk about third grade. In elementary it wasn’t a very good experience for me at all. It was really horrible. There was a lot of stuff going on at the house. And so a lot of times I wasn’t always with my mom. And so going to school and dealing with everything, and dealing with the teachers and their bias… They were nice but you can tell they weren’t ?? with Black children, so it was always hard. They would always belittle, especially me, I feel like they were targeting me more than other children. They didn’t take the time to set me aside and speak about what we’re struggling with like “We can fix this”. They just kind of, pushed me to the side and just let me struggle.
But as I got older, I did have one Black teacher. It was my first Black teacher and it was in sixth grade and she was a lady. It was during math, and she had told me I was struggling. And she took me aside and she helped me deal with everything I was struggling with. Now I’m way better at math, it’s like my favorite subject. Growing up I hated it. I’m a Senior now. So my view on education is that it’s been a really good experience since that one teacher and just meeting and being around more teachers of color.

How do you want to help cultivate the genius of black children?

Personally, since my experience I have been wanting to go into teaching and help students. Because I understand what it’s like to learn a hard subject when you’re being taught by someone you can’t relate to. So for me, I want to be a math teacher and help students.

What is your personal learning style?

My personal learning style; I’m more visual.