Tell us about your experience with childhood education. 

My name is Irie. My childhood experience with education is good and bad.
Good: There’s not that much good stuff. It was just like, go to school and just do what you have to do. Basically I was never really in school most of the time, though. And that’s because the lack of like, relationship with my teachers. And then just stuff with home. I had no really strong support and stuff like that.

It was fun. I mean, school was fun most of the part. Not the learning stuff, but just being at school with your friends and stuff like that.

How do you want to help cultivate the genius of black children?

Well… to cultivate the genius of black children, I feel like to help those people in a certain situation you need to have people that have been in that exact certain situation. If you understand, with similar backgrounds and understanding of… You can’t tell a lion how to be a sheep, if that makes sense with what I’m saying.

What is your personal learning style?

I don’t really know. What are the options?