Tell us about your experience with childhood education. 

My name is Satori Butler. My experience with childhood education has not been the best. I have experienced a lot of trauma as a child within in the educational system. A lot of suspensions, out of school suspensions and exclusion policies that made me transfer to a lot of elementary schools. Well actually not transfer to a lot of elementary schools, but in middle school and then high school, the same. So in and out of different schools. Eventually led me to an alternative school and now I’m experiencing a lot of trauma with my child and the public educational institution. A lot of discriminatory tactics used against him, in terms of discipline that I advocate a lot for. And that has resulted in me homeschooling him currently.

How do you want to help cultivate the genius of black children?

I would love to help cultivate the genius of black children by uplifting our young black boys and young black girls by inspiring them, learning their learning style and cultivating that and bringing that out so that they feel empowered and know that they are intelligent and that educational institution is for them, despite what they experience.

What is your personal learning style?

My son’s personal learning style is kinesthetic. He loves to move around when he’s learning. So recently I got him one of those yoga balls so he can balance and move around when he’s doing his studying. I don’t know if there’s a learning style for music, he’s very musically inclined. He loves anything to do with beats and sound. That’s actually been really effective in helping him memorize his spelling words and different math tactics. He loves to make rhymes with them.
My personal learning style… I haven’t discovered yet. When I was looking at the seven learning styles and I think I’m very verbal, visual, and analytic.